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If you have a need for carpet care, including carpet cleaning, water extraction, or carpet repair, contact us today and we’ll get in touch with an estimate.

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Dependable & Professional Carpet Care offers all aspects of cleaning, repair, and care for flooring of all kinds.

Carpet Cleaning

Using hot water extraction with industrial cleaners, we offer three levels of carpet cleaning: basic (for most needs), deep clean (for carpets with higher traffic), and power scrub (for the dirtiest carpets). Our carpet wands and rotary scrubbers allow us to clean almost any kind of carpet, no matter how dirty or soiled it is.

Carpet Repair

Our flooring experts can offer repairs for carpets that have been damaged due to misuse (burn stains, scorch marks, ink stains, pet damage), or simple wear and tear. We can fix holes, rips, tears at transitions, re-stretch loose carpets, replace padding, and more.

Stain Treatments

Simply using water to clean your carpets isn’t enough, especially if you have stains. Our crews carry a wide variety of spot cleaners in all of our trucks, to help them remove almost any kind of stain, including: smoke, pet urine, vomit, gum/tar, oil, grease,wax, lipstick, fruit juice, synthetic food dyes, Kool-Aid®, mildew, rust, and more.

Duct Cleaning

Our NADCA-certified team uses a vacuum hose with a rotary brush, to clean out your entire forced-air system. This removes dust, dirt, junk, allergens, pet dander, and other objects that shouldn’t be in your air ducts and vents. We also use foggers to clean out the system with allergy relief treatment to alleviate allergy symptoms from pet dander (dog and cat), dust mites and cockroach droppings.

The Dependable & Professional Difference

Truck-Mounted Units

Unlike grocery-store rental carpet cleaning units on wheels, our crews only use high-quality truck-mounted units. Our fleet of vans have been custom-fitted with expensive, cutting edge equipment and machinery that isn’t available for rental at any store.

Boiling-Hot Water

Many carpet cleaning machines (and a lot of budget carpet cleaning companies) only use warm water from a kitchen faucet in order to clean flooring. The water we use is kept at a consistent 250° degrees, which is hot enough to remove most stains, as well as kill dust mites and bed bugs, and sanitize the carpet by killing germs.


Our crews pre-treat carpets before cleaning, using industrial-strength cleaners. With our injection sprayers, we can target high-traffic areas and stains and we use carpet rakes to loosen debris and pull up matted carpets.

Commercial-Grade Chemicals

Most sprays and chemicals you can buy on the shelf at a grocery store are not strong enough to give your carpets the deep clean they need. We have special chemicals to help clean your carpets for almost all types of issues, including pet urine, dander, oils, milk, blood, dirt/soil, and more.

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